ATENOIL is a group owning and operating multi-branded petrol stations throughout Spain, with a clear goal to become the market leader by empowering all complementary services for current consumers, by means of agreements with the best retail, shop and food & beverages partners.


Since its birth, Atenoil has been backed by the international venture capital investment fund MARCOL, with a successful 40-year career as an investor and asset manager in the real estate, infrastructure and healthcare sectors.


ATENOIL is guided by a series of principles and values based upon sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR):

- A team with wide experience in the sector
- Constant innovation on the offering on services
- Maximum quality of all products offered
- Personalized and close relationship with our clients
- Optimization of prices for consumers
- Modern and secure facilities


ATENOIL executive team accounts for over 30 years of sector experience, on top of which we have added top executives with a long track-record within the financial, retail and food & beverages sectors.

We count on over 100 people at our stations who have been ensuring, over years, an excellent relationship and the best possible service to foster loyalty with our clients.



At ATENOIL we offer different kind of services to our clients, including oil supply (Oil), sale of products at our shops (Retail), all type of Food & Beverages, and other complementary services for your vehicle’s care (Other Services). In order to do so, we rely, on a case by case basis, on leading partners for each segment, with the goal of continuously improve and innovate our offerings to our clients whilst ensuring the best service.

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C/ Arturo Soria, 29
28027 - Madrid
Tel. (+34) 91 367 10 46


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